Diana Schoepplein | BOOK OF LIFE – CHAPTER #1 ROOTS
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Hi, its me again! Me, the one that has walked the earth for a while. On this walk, I encountered a world full of colors, smells, sounds, lights, and people. It has been a remarkable journey so far.  Along the way, I picked up some stuff. Some of it shiny, some sparkling, some unmatched, some eye-opening, some useful, some useless, and some, well, some simply used up. All of this is part of who I am now, standing here. All contributed to the way I feel, think and act. Everything counts. This is the beauty and this is also the obstacle. Its a beautiful paradox.

In my latest BLOGPOST – NEW CHAPTERS – WHAT IS YOURS? you heard me say this:

“What if you can start to rewrite the new chapter in your book of life any time? Even now, like right NOW ?”




YES, you can, once you truly acknowledge your ROOTS, all the footsteps, all the breaths, all the heartbeats it took, for you to be you!

How strong a tree grows is a matter of its roots – how strong and deep they grow underneath the earth. The strength of a tree derives from a place of darkness, hidden under the surface of what we usually perceive. You could say your roots are your past. Often enough our past seems to be buried in our subconscious minds. We pretend that we are free in the way we feel, think and act.

But are we really free, dragging a rat-tail of imprints with us?  These imprints are burned in our perception of ourselves and of the world. The way we dealt with past events, disappointments, sorrows, regrets, heartbreaks, hopes, relationships etc. is pretty much defining how we perceive our actual lives. Its like they created highly personalized glasses just for you. Glasses that alter your view and reactions according to how you took in and managed past events. And everybody does this differently. So there are “Diana Glasses”, “Thomas Glasses”, “Annas Glasses” and so on …. We wear them all the time, wether we know it or not. These glasses are called conditioning.

When we backtrack our life, it is not about indulging in memories of the past, nor is it to get stuck in old pain. It is about seeing them for what they are – moments that shaped our perception, drop by drop. If we keep them hidden even from ourselves, these drops might get stale, leave a residue of clutter behind and soon or later muddy our glasses. We cannot avoid or change any of these past events, but we can do something about to what degree we allow the residue to become heavy mud that keep our vision and us stuck.


So looking back to our life from time to time is a healthy ritual as long as you see our past for what it is, something that took place and cannot be changed.

It is good to write down your life events, big and small ones. That way you give them space and let them breath. Allow yourself to feel what you feel, while dropping the tendency to stick to your old memories. It is simply about acknowledging your footsteps, your heartbeats, your life.

To keep your footsteps light, your heartbeats lively, your glasses shiny, establish a simple Self-Care Habit: every night before falling asleep – reflect your day, rewinding its moments, its feelings and processing its effects on you. That way they dont have to be buried in your subconsciousness and become sticky. Walk with your past but dont let it drag your footsteps down. Your purpose in life is to fully know and be who you are or like Oscar Wild put it

„Be yourself, everyone else is already taken“




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