Diana Schoepplein | BOOK OF LIFE – CHAPTER # 4 – BIG BANG
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You are okay with moving from present to childhood, to birth-day and the lifetime inside a womb. It all makes sense, because our senses were already on, before we popped out as a tiny tender creature with teeny weeny toes and  fingernails, with such big sparkly eyes and such soft skin.

You are ready to go with me to this “ONE” moment, where your life in the form of an organism started to come along?

I want to take you back to YOUR PERSONAL BIG BANG, the one and only firework that created this particular and unique human being, that you are.



Once upon a time, there was a woman and a man. There was an attraction, a certain circumstance. They met, they happened to get intimate… maybe there was LOVE, maybe only SEX … propably an ORGASM, for sure some SPERM and an EGG

Well you know how this works right….some fire, a lot of friction, an eruption and a magical moment… an egg was found by a sperm, some mystery, the egg invited the sperm in …


A fire ignited, an explosion, a door opened,
Life happend like a firework in the nightsky – how miracoulous!!!

One cell became two … and multiplied and multiplied and multiplied to create dimensions: tissues was formed, organs grew, a heart started to beat, a body to shape, a brain to evolve.

An embryo floating in space, in the warm liquid of a dark pulsating living planet, called mother.

This is your BIG MOMENT, this is YOUR BIG DAY, this is your BIRTH-DAY
The magic of life happened, formed a shape, a body, and even provided a perfect home, with food and shelter, maybe even love.

Maybe all of that happened out of love: the love between two people, or the love emanating out of one, or not love, but affection, or curiosity,  naivety, hunger, maybe only mere lust, or even anger. Who knows!


Not really in that sense that you remember this BIG BANG and what the situation was between your mother and your father. They might know, hopefully your mother does …


And yet it is so so crucial for our BOOK OF LIFE.


Well this particular moment, when the egg and sperm met, when this fire was ignited and the celebration of life was in full flow, is defined and defines the situation your are born into. Did you choose a situation of true love? Was your mother and your father in love when their bodies created a new life? Or was it just sex? Or lust with no care for the partner and the consequences? Was there even anger involved or simply naivety and mere biology in expression?
Whatever drew your spirit to enter the karmic involvement of this particular woman and man, that´s what shaped your life in the first place.

Now of course you say, hey, but wait, I did not know all this, how can I have chosen? I never wished to have these parents and this life. This just happened. Okay, I get that.

But then you are also saying that you are the victim of the cirumstances.
And that is fine, you have the right to feel that way.

But does this really help you? Does this allow you to accept, understand, respect and therefore transform your life? Does victimhood give you the strength and inspiration to keep going and take on the responsibilty to be the author of  your story?


In the radical acceptance of one self a spart of the grandeur of life alone, is transformation possible.


Your life is perfectly designed for you, right from its very beginning.
It is your signature life, nothing is random or by accident. Can you glimpse the tremendous intelligence behind?
In terms of Indian Yoga philosophy: it is no ones fault, it is exactly what was supposed to happen. You are born into the perfect place and time to follow your purpose, your dharma. All challenges are there for your growth. In fact we are the ones who put the challenges there in the first place.

Isnt that what one could call supreme intelligence? Nothing random, nothing happens by accident, each thought, word, action is a building brick in designing your life. And YES WE DO have tools to shape the outcome of our story.

Learn to use these tools and how to embody the cosmological and philosophical aspects of  Yoga in my upcoming immersions:




So long CARRY OM


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