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DEC 27. 2019  – JAN 4. 2020


Leave old bombast behind and enter your New Year with clarity, vibrancy, vision and joy. < Shakti Rising > a Yoga & Selfcare Retreat especially designed for you to reflect your past year and to reconnect to your core. This 9 days will empower you to awaken your inner voice, to diffuse old patterns and to embody a New You. We will combine ancient yogic, ayurvedic and tantric wisdom-tools with contemporary and experiential approaches to guide you to unravel veils and open up doorways.

Bali, the island of Gods carries a unique vibratory field that amplifies what ever is taking place. It supports us to shine light on the shadow and  to reveal the beauty.

I have had amazingly beautiful and unforgettable experiences on Bali more then 20 years ago. I kept coming back from time to time to bath in its lushness and its colorful celebration of life. Are you ready to shake and wake things up? The join this Magical Retreat to let your Shakti – creative Energy –  rise.


Your body will experience more aliveness thru the practice of yoga, eating delicious healthy meals daily, attuning your circadian rhythm, and indulging in the  juicyness of this island. Massages and treatments will be available to you to fully replenish each body cell.

Your energy level will be restored thru better sleep and rest, spending time in Nature and charging up on Vitamin D, the effects of dynamic and restorative practices that are meant to balance your energy level.

Your mind will feel rested and refreshed and more peaceful during this retreat of disconnect from the business of life, city noise, social media, and worldly worries, as well as powerful daily practices of pranayama, meditation and free movement in nature.

You will access your deeper knowing and learn ways to apply to your daily life

You will experience a more profound connection with the deeper part of yourself and the means to realign your life the way you really want




In this relaxed atmosphere, Diana will share with you daily the ancient wisdom of yoga, ayurveda and tantra from a modern perspective.
Simple and powerful principles and practices that you can reshape your life towards a greater sense of clarity, vibrancy, joy and ease.
I have been studying these systems profoundly and love to share the insights these sciences hold for us on a practical and philosophical levels

Mornings will be dedicated to breath work, meditation and dynamic asana practice to open you up and re-energize you. We will spend time journaling and sharing our insights in a space of acceptance, understanding and respect.
​The day will end with some gentle yin or restorative yoga, contemplation & meditation, yoga nidra, sound healing and rituals, to let go of tensions and nurture yourself deeply.

In between you’ll have plenty of free time to relax in a hammoc, enjoy some body treatments, take walks thru the rice fields, visit some temples nearby, it is your choice.


Diana is a E -RYT500 teacher with  heart and soul. Her yoga journey started in the early 90s in Bali, Thailand and in ashrams and monasteries of India and Nepal. Ever since she has been dedicating herself to the investigation of the Self through yoga and performance arts. Her trainings include Anusara yoga, classical Hatha yoga , authentic Pranayama, and American Indian shamanism. She likes to introduce and mix elements from various styles, including Ayurveda and therapeutics in mindful yet dynamic blend. In her retreats, workshops and teacher trainings, she invites her students to settle inside, explore new spaces, in order to encounter and transform themselves on deeper levels. She is currently based in Zurich, India and Berlin.



This Retreat is for you, if you want to joyfully unwind and refill your batteries through a simple healthy lifestyle in a stunning scenery. Dedicate this time to set your gear for your New Year, nurturing and recharging your body, mind and heart and take home yoga practices to stay energized in your daily life.



*** Reserved exclusively for Early bird bookings ***






In case of cancellation of your yoga holiday, for whatever reason, participants need to notify organizers in writing immediately. The following cancellation policy will be applied :

  • Up to 60 days before departure, loss of non-refundable deposit in full
  • 59 to 30 days before departure, 50% of total price is due
  • 30 to 15 days before departure, 75% of total price is due
  • 14 days or less before departure, 100% of total price is due
  • By making the reservation you agree to the terms and conditions 

***Flights, Visa, Insurances and Transfers from and to the airport etc. are not included. Massages, extra food etc. are at your own expenses. We are happy to organize taxi pick ups for you and assist you in any ways.***


Get in touch for further assistance and sign up.

I am delighted to have you on board.

Love Diana