BOOK OF LIFE - CHAPTER # 3 – DIG DEEPER - Diana Schoepplein
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Have you checked in with yourself, and even remembered some outstanding events in your childhood? Could you connect some dots of your present state, structures and tendencies with early childhood experiences and strategies?

Feel free to go back to CHAPTER # 2 and then let me take you a step further

Because, hey, remembering and connecting back to our childhood is only one part of our lifs journey. The part where we identify as this particular body.

What if I say that our book of life starts much much earlier?

, BOOK OF LIFE – CHAPTER # 3 – DIG DEEPERYou might be familiar with the idea, that you sense the world in your mothers womb through experiences your mother has at that time. You are picking up her feelings, moods, thoughts and mindsets on a direct energetic level. Most of us have also heard about the influence of the environment, f.ex.the effects of certain kinds of music on the development of the embryo. And of course you know about the importance of your mothers and fathers attention while you where living inside this very intimate environment of a belly.

These 9-10 months in our mothers womb can be described as a lifte time on its own. Time is perceived very differently, depending on our evolutionary stage. When we were very small, an hour or a day could feel far too long. Remember how it felt having to wait for x-mas just 2 more nights.

Time was slow back then.
Then in our 40 ies and 50 ies, an hour, a day, a year just seems to fly by…

So, to this small human creature growing inside another human beings womb, it feels like a whole lifetime. A life with ups and downs, laughter and tears, happiness, and challenges. And as we were so connected with our mother an a physical, energetic, emotional level, perceiving the outer environment directly and exclusively through her experiences and feelings, we already collected informations, that left an imprint in our tender being. We are getting marked, even before we enter this world.

And then the big event of separation and disconnection, this special event of being born into another environment outside our mothers warm, soft, watery and dark body. What a surprise? What a bumpy ride? What a terrific and propabley terrifying adventure?

In the Christian tradition there is this idea of innocence. Babys appear to be innocent. And yes they are. Nether less they already had lived through an entire lifetime gathering information and having experiences of all kinds.

, BOOK OF LIFE – CHAPTER # 3 – DIG DEEPERWe all know that babies from mothers that abused alcohol or any other drug, are already addicted too. It is obvious. Feelings are felt too. Whatever state the mother was in, is directly transported to the little life growing inside. The voices and noises, the touch, the love, the anger, the stress, the peace, everything is streaming through.

And then birth –day, this day where your whole environment starts to change. You are getting pushed out, squeezed out, and it is so so tide.

The mother, usually in pain. Tremendous turbulences, Convulsions and eruptions. Getting pushed, sometimes pulled, often cut out into an environment of air insead of water, of bright light, instead of darkness, of separation instead of connection.

This is called birth trauma. Most of us went through that, without any memory of it. Our mothers most likely went through it, and it is said, that they experience their own birthtrauma when giving birth. So something is passed on, leaving imprints and marks in our incredible tender and vulnarable minds and bodys.

As babies we were in a state of awareness, in the presence of each moment. so we were capable of taking in all the wonders of life with our senses and not stick to the experiences of birth and the lifetime in our mothers womb. But still these imprints are stored in our physical, emotional and mental layers, creating blockages and forming pathways to certain patterns.

Some of them will show up later in life causing us to act and re-act in certain ways that might not be fulfilling, healthy or supportive. And we wonder why, as we cannot find any trace.

There are some therapies out hat have specialized on resolving the trauma of ones birth – Rebirthing, Hypnosis, „Urschrei“ Therapy etc. Many use body- and breath-work to access these hidden blocks and knots. Often they have to be challenging in order to break down the walls around our buried pains.

Yoga is another option to slowly bring the „mud“ to the surface.

, BOOK OF LIFE – CHAPTER # 3 – DIG DEEPERIt might take much more time and the need of a professional practitioner, when it comes to the deeper knots, that we call Samskaras or Grantis. In our steady Yoga practice we can direct the pace and how far we want to go. Over time we feel our bodies and more so our minds stabilizing. We have more clarity, and more awareness of what is going on inside of us. We have the stamina to stay in uncomfortable postures ans situations focusing on our breath. The more we learn to breath deeper and slower, the more we are able to sense the bodies and to feel the emotions. Giving space, being present for what is, allows the unconscious to arise and show its face. As we learn to keep the breath and the focus, they can dissolve without us getting trapped into their stories.

Have you ever had tears in your eyes in or after a yoga class? Have you ever felt frustrated or angry at the teacher, the student next to you, at yourself in a difficult asana? Have you ever felt inner shifts from low energy or being grumpy to a lighter feeling? That actually is the work, cleaning up what sits inside, practice by practice, asana by asana, breath by breath.

This is how you become more free and more alive, more peaceful and more joyful.


Can we speed this up just a little bit? Yes sure we can: a Detox Yoga Intensive or a true Yoga-Retreat, is a wonderful accelerator. Here we are creating a container, a safe environment for pushing us a bit further, for going beyond our comfort zones. Here we can learn to enjoy expanding the edges and allowing to release what is in the way.

All you have to do is dedicate some time and simply sign up.

This years annual Detox Intensive will take place at beautiful Zanana Living in Winterthur from May 4.-6.  We have many students joining us each year, become one of them and safe your spot now.

embrace life


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