BOOK OF LIFE - CHAPTER # 6 – TRANSITIONS - Diana Schoepplein
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Its all cycles right? So it makes sense to stay in the flow, doesnt it? Maybe you are asking yourself what this really means to be in flow. So lets start this way: being in flow doesnt mean that you are changing your opinion at any point, that you are moving house and jobs, changing friendships and relationships; of course not. It might be necessary at some point to leave certain structures behind, but what it really means is to check in with your self – every day, every morning, afternoon, evening, or any other moment and to keep doing this again and again.

How am I feeling right now? What is the status quo? What does my body, my mind, my heart long for in this given moment?

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And what it also means to became aware of the moments of transitions, these phases were we left one point and didnt arrive on the other end yet. So it is the in between times you want to notice and take as a surf board. Because that is what you actually do, you are surfing a wave.

Does this sound frightening? Well yes, for most of us, not being a trained surfer, it might cause some discomfort as we are longing for stability, for reassurance, for taking a linear road, step by step. But sometimes life just takes a bigger turn and then we find us up in the air, wobbly ground, unfamiliar territory, simply put, out of our comfort zone.

But this doenst have to be the case: all you need is some curiosity. Remember when you were a child, how exciting everything was, how often we tried new things. The world was our playground, and we had fun with it, even fun falling down. Would be great to count on how often we literally landed on our butts trying to walk, to go and get this thing, to grab and experience the world – fully!

The point is we got up again and again.
And the most interesting part really is on how we get back up.


As our breath shows us, there is always a turning point, a moment of change, an in between state. Too easily to be skipped, I know. But isn´t mother nature presenting us every day her magnificent spectacle, at dawn, when the sun rises in all its glory, and at dusk, before the night covers us in its beautiful dark blanket.

And this continues with the seasons. As we soon will transition from summer to autumn, learn some tools from Ayurveda to keep you updated and ready to go with the flow.


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As this dreams summer with his heat seems to continue, stay cool: Drink lots of water, if you like  cucumber and mint infused water;  every ½ h small amounts is better then a half a liter in a short period of time.

Avoid to much ice cubes and keep drinking warm teas to keep you digestive fire up; sorry but this is a must.

It is great to have more salads, fruits and raw food, especially around midday, but the body needs more energy to digest these, so dont have them straight out of the fridge and keep on eating cooked foods.

Your Agni has to stay tuned, but not over fired, especially for the more fiery constitution types. So no need for extra spicy chillies and peppers, and meat, especially red meat (if you are still up for eating animals)

Watch out for the next post, that will give you more tipps on taking care for yourself.


Until then see you in one of my upcoming specials


Love being of service





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