BOOK OF LIFE CHAPTER #8 - REL-EASE - Diana Schoepplein
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Fall in love with fall. When summertime starts to fade away in such grace and elegance. Slowly withdrawing the juice of life from the outer to the inner – a celebration of life. As Nature prepares for the dark and cold season – releasing – colors and textures are changing, and so are we in this cycle of life.

In this seasonal transition, we are called to rel-ease the patterns of our mind that leave the needs of our body behind. Believe me, this temple of ours deserves our attention, deserves our love.

Selfcare is not a luxury,  it is the appreciation of yourself on all levels.

Since this body is doing such a wonderful job keeping us alive, healthy and happy, it is time to start to listen to what this hyper intelligent artwork of creation is telling us. It took me years to come to terms with what my body needs and how I can support myself. And I am thrilled to share my very dearest rituals with you:


According to Ayurveda – the science of life –  the element of Air & Space, the so called Vata Dosha is high in fall. The quality of air is quick, dry and cold. These attribute are increasing in autumn and people, especially the once who naturally have more Vata Dosha in their constitution, are prone to experience more restlessness, coolness and dryness. We are fortunate to heave well functioning heating systems in our homes, but at the same time they have a drying effect as well. So lets counterbalance this, shall we?

STEP 1 – rest more – I know you are busy, but really get your 8 hours sleep. Allow your body to regenerate. The best time to go to bed is not much later then 10 pm. You might have heard that the hours of sleep before midnight are counting double – and YES it is true. I tested it many times, I am stubborn and I still love nights where I let myself flow way past midnight. BUT the price I pay became too high. I do feel so much more rested going to bed at this crucial point. When I miss it, my fiery nature kicks in and  I can keep going until feeling burned out. So what is the point really? Go to bed early! and find getting up early becomes easy too ; ))

STEP 2 – eat warm – Oh gosh, I cant even tell you how much my belly and more so digestion responds to what, when and how I eat. Ideally you start with a warm breakfast, enjoy a slow cooked lunch as your biggest meal and close with an earlier and lighter dinner. That might sound complicated, but it really isnt that much.

A breakfast porridge is easy and also quick to make. There are many variations and you can add whatever your tongue likes: experiment with various grains apart from oatmeal like couscous, rice, quinoa etc, combine it with almonds, seeds, seasonal fruits and spices such as ginger, cinnamon & cardamon; a dash of rock salt and your favorite milk. Get creative!

Lunch can be stews from loads of root vegetables. Have more good fats, such as ghee, olive oil or avocado. Play with plant based protein sources like tofu, quinoa, lentils, beans, peas. Spice it up with some ginger and fresh herbs.

What about some ginger tea and little dark chocolate in the afternoon to keep you up?

And for your earlier and lighter dinner you can blend the rest of lunch into a nourishing soup, or find a yummy pumpkin soup recipe here

As a bedtime smoothie you may enjoy your Golden Milk


STEP 3 – move – this is essential to keep our bodies and minds healthy. Walk instead of taking the tram, ride bicycle, go to yoga. dance, jump, pump if you like. Keep your muscles working without strain. I personally recommend Hatha Yoga or a Slow Flow with focus on core to keep the Agni (inner fire) steady. It is essential to counterbalance the more Yang and fiery practices with soothing Yin sequences and restoratives. So get your bolster out, put your legs up the wall, bridge your heart over a block and rest in a deep 12-18 min. savasana. If you are new to these practices go and check out my classes and my upcoming <rejuvenate your ressoure> workshop.


STEP 4 – breath – autumn air is crispy. Lets take it in fully. Long walks in nature and Yoga breath work are a real energy booster. Most Pranayama techniques are heating and even train the deepest core muscles, to keep your Agni stabilized. Breathing thru the nose helps to filter germs. To prevent sinus infections start using a Neti Pot (see picture). Jalan Neti is an ancient cleansing Kriya that I include in my mornings and  teach students in my tradtional  Yoga & Karma Pilgrimage in the Himalaya: fill the pot with lukewarm salt water. I prefer to use fine pink himalayan salt, but sea salt works too. The amount of salt is rather small, you want to make it taste like tear drops. Use your thumb and index finger pinch and mix the salt with the water in your Neti pot. Let the water pour in from the left nostril out the right nostril. Blow out the remaining water before flushing the other way around. Sooth the skin of the inside wall of each nostril with some sesame oil. Which leads us to the next step:


STEP 5  – oil oil oil – inside – outside – Oiling is the heart of Ayurvedic treatments. Mineral rich sesame oil nourishes your tissues. We already stated to use more high quality oils in your cuisine, but now you want to apply oil onto your skin. This is not merely skincare. It is so much more then that. Oiling your body is an amazing way to love yourself while detoxing and nurturing the various layers of your tissues and lubricating your joints. It also soothes your nervous system, helps to unwind, to deeply relax. Ever since I discovered Ayurvedic oil massages, I am fascinated by how this ritual is mothering me. This gentle coating of warm oil makes me feel safe, cared for and loved. I guarantee that you will feel that too. Thats why I am about to prepare a online guide on how to self-massage, so you can gift yourself this incredible powerful selfcare and selflove tool.  If you do not want to wait or feel more like receiving this sacred Selfcare ritual, you can inquire about bookings here. 

You might want to get a real Selfcare boost at our < Yoga & Ayurveda Selfare Retreat >  in Goa, South India beginning of March. For a deep inner cleanse and to establish a steady yogic lifestyle you may want to join the more traditional < Yoga & Karma Pilgrimage > in the Indian Himalayas in April 1.-11. 2019.

Feel free to get in touch and to share your experiences in the comment section below.

With love

  • Rebecha Tambakopoulos
    Posted at 18:55h, 14 November Antworten

    Thank you for the lovely reminder dear much needed.
    loads of love ❤️

    • Diana Schöpplein
      Posted at 14:58h, 17 Januar Antworten

      so sweet to hear from you, wishing you all the best. lest catch up, shall we?

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