CHAPTER #7 - RE-TREAT - Diana Schoepplein
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Do you know  this feeling of being trapped in a rat-race? Of running and running and almost fighting against time? As our lives tend to get more and more busy and time becomes a luxury, we find ourselves detached, fragmented and even drained. Our bodies start to feel weak, our minds restless and our hearts empty. Most of us are familiar with this overall feeling of tiredness and lack of joy. Well, I don´t really have to tell you that this is definitely a sign to break thru this cycle and take a SACRED PAUSE

Since ancient times most asian, as well as christian and sufi traditions knew about the preciousness to retreat from the day to day activities. It seems that even several hundred years back householders got absorbed and entangled with taking care of their daily life.

Retreat means to pull back: Its root derives from from latin Re = back & trahere = pull.
To treat someone to something means to invite or to please someone unexpectedly.

In the old days people would retreat into nature or monasteries, into solitude or community. Often detaching themselves from amenities and conveniences such as certain foods and drinks, or even speech to allow time for reflection, prayer and meditation.

A retreat used to be a real effective way to connect back to the source and thats what it still is.

In our modern lifes to retreat became a true medicin, not only for spiritual purpose but even for health and overall wellbeing. A retreat is the most beautiful escape and so much more then a holiday.

Treating your self to step back, to pull away from what you know and what you are used to do. It is so easy to fall asleep because we are caught up in routines day in, day out. When our attention is constantly drawn to the outside, the experience of our inner landscape gets more and more neglected, even hidden. almost lost.

For so many of us a yoga-class or meditation practice becomes a real rescue to get back in touch with ourselves. To get access and to listen to our inner voice, to nourish our hearts.



It is such a treasure especially having a daily ritual to help us find some inner space.

Without my yoga and meditation, believe me, I would not be the nicest person to hang out with. Even with these practices I see myself with shortcomings, restlessness, impatience and yes, also draining my energy and wellbeing. And then I know it is time to treat myself, to unplug and take some time out turning my awareness fully inside. So I can remember who I am as a human being and what really matters.


It is not luxury, it is a necessity to re-charge, to re-align and to re-connect, to feel, experience and to enjoy.


The people I meet on retreat, each one on their own unique journey, are deeply touching my heart. Its almost magic how we find each other from different places and backgrounds having such a great time sharing our curiosity, our openness and passion to wake up, to become alive, to embrace ourselves so we can embrace life.


Whatever you choose, a yoga or meditation retreat, you will find that it is a true gift to unwind, to be welcomed to a sacred environment and community of likeminded friends. To explore countries and cultures, to take in different colors and smells. To step out of comfort-zones and find new parameters of ease and joy. It can be challenging and so much fun sharing this inner and outer journey together, supporting each other, learning new tools, expanding perspectives, transforming lives and opening hearts.


I sincerley invite you to take a SACRED PAUSE for an afternoon, a weekend, a week or 11 Days… your body, mind and soul will thank you with this vibrant feeling of being alive, at peace and at ease.


< EMBRACE YOUR NATURE –  SPA DAYS > 27. & 28. Oct 2018  @ Zanana-Living, Winterhur

< REJUVENATE YOUR RESOURCE >  25. Nov 2018  @ AirYoga, Zürich

< RADICAL YOGA & AYURVEDA SELFCARE > 3.- 10. March 2019, Goa, India

< YOGA & KARMA PILGRIMAGE > 1.- 11. April 2019, Rishikesh & Indian Himalaya





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