ARE YOU IN FLOW ? - Diana Schoepplein
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Have you ever wondered what it really means to be in flow? Does this mean that everything just goes smooth, a life with no hard edges, simply dripping along ? Does this mean living as or in a kind of cream pudding?

Well, for sure we don’t want to live without a certain direction.

What the state of flow actually describes is a state of being pretty centered in ones core. It is a state where you are totally okay with what is AND with what is not.

It is the radical acceptance and acknowledgment of you as a totality AND of you as your essence at the same time.

We all have different aspects of personality. Some of these voices are stronger, so we identify mainly with the „loudest“ one, and the few others that pop up often enough. In fact there are many more sub personalities then we think and wish for. We are in flow when all these layers, facets, voices, thought streams join together to form a river – a river that is naturally moving through lives events. A river that is strong, that deals with challenges and boundaries, but also shapes the stones. Rivers overcome obstacles always finding and creating pathway to continue their journey.

gangasunsetviewA river doesn’t question its nature – she simply flows.
********   She is affected by life and she affects life   ********

The more we can bundle our various and often opposing rivulets to a strong current, the more we find peace, the stronger we become.

Flowing means adapting to situations yet following ones destiny – naturally, just like Yoga.

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