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You are taking care to stay calm and relaxed, to nourish your Agni and you to soothe your motions. Now you are prepared to really enjoy the crispiness of the season. Wraped up in your cuddly shawls and a hot water bottle at hand, go for long walks. Let your eyes take in the beauty and mystical light of Autumn and expand your bodycells and lungs

Key # 4 BREATH

Now is the perfect time to boost your Prana that you are taking in through freshly cooked foods and also through light, but even more so through BREATHING. The Yogis high up in the Himalaya, the land of snow, are experts in manipulating their physical functions like pulse and bodyheat through intense breathing techniques only.

The art of breathing in the yogic tradition is called Pranayama
Prana = life force and ayama = expanding

In the Traditional Chinese Medicine, which derived from the oldest medical system of Ayurveda, the lung meridian is activated in Autumn. So lets take advantage of the timing here– spend time outside getting your heart to pump – long walks are a must. Combine it with some diligent breathwork and here you go.

If you wonder how, take a course with me, where I lead you step by step into the power and depths of your breath. Various Techniques are available in my ONLINE  VIDEOS.


For the ones near Zürich: < MOVE -BREATH – CHANT – EXPAND > workshop will be happening again
@ Anjali Yoga in Meilen, Feb. 10th. from 2-5 pm – INFO & SIGN UP

This could be just the right kickstart into a new adventure.

Until then take a moment and stop. Just stop and breath. Feel the breath, feel your body expanding and releasing. Feel the actual touch of the air at the nostrils. Each breath is fresh, each breath counts. Mindfull breathing is a perfect „Mini-Holiday“ – so is Meditation and Restorative Yoga.  It is truely amazing to witness how you slowly drop back into your BEING without any DOING. Dropping the effort and simply allowing to feel – moment by moment – breath by breath.


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