We are made of blood, earth, and stardust. The ancient sources of life that built our bones and pulse through our veins proclaim that we are because someone, many ones, gave us life. We do not get here on our own.

The Full Moon in Taurus occurs on October 31st, at 7:49 am PT.

Lighting up the festivals that honor the dead, our ancestry, and the many lineages we hail from, this Full Moon magnifies the importance of acknowledging our lifelines. We are relegated to living life on the surface when we have too few places and spaces dedicated to mourning, witnessing loss, and recognizing the impacts of the past. Without acknowledging death, we forget how to embrace the depths. Without acknowledging the grief that exists, we can’t expand into joy’s great spaces. Without being reminded of how fragile our physical selves are, we can’t ever know how strong a tie our bonds can be.

These days, and the holidays that fill them, are a reminder to refocus on what is eternal: the love, the care, and the offerings that have created, sustained, and fortified us.

To say that this Full Moon finds us at an emotionally sensitive time in history would be an understatement. As countries the world over battle different phases of the Coronavirus, we in the United States try to find our way through the completely disastrous handling of the pandemic, and life in general. In an election cycle like no other, many of us are emotionally taxed. Expectant. Exhausted. On edge.


Conjunct Uranus, this Full Moon brings perhaps an unwelcome change and a rebellious streak that is unpredictable. If you are feeling like your fur has been rubbed the wrong way, there is no right side of the bed, and nothing sits quite right, don’t worry. Discord is cosmic too.

This isn’t a moon that helps us stabilize. As the Sun in Scorpio stirs up the kind of intense emotion that renders us raw, a Full Moon in Taurus is meant to be our rock to rest on in the undoing. However, this one only further emphasizes the tectonic shifts we are in the midst of. What happens from the end of October to the beginning of November may be surprising so it is imperative that we do whatever we can to keep ourselves and our systems oriented towards long-term solutions and strategies.

If you’d like to honor the full moon and those that came before you, I have a ritual for Samhain, a reading for your sign, and a guided meditation for the Full Moon in Taurus. 

There is no shortage of important astrological signatures after the Full Moon:

On November 1st, Mercury retrograde in Libra squares Saturn in Capricorn. Mercury is about to station direct in complicated conditions. Sitting in a square to Saturn for the first week of November, messages and movements come slowly if at all. Stuck is an understatement. The best we can do is be prepared if possible, patient always, and persistent in our pursuits. Bring snacks, battery packs, and friends to wait in line with you if and when it comes to that.

On November 3rd, Mercury stations direct at 26° of Libra. Still very much in a square to Saturn, Mercury is turning the corner but only to barely squeak by its obstacles. No matter how much time you think you have, or leeway you usually get access to, trust that you’ll have less. Again, show up prepared.

On November 6th, Mercury squares Saturn, again. Not to be completely clear of Saturn’s impact until November 9th, Mercury’s winged feet are still stuck in the mud. From here on out things do become less and less held in the grip of complications and we get clearer about the outcomes, details, and decisions we need to make.

On November 9th, Venus opposes Mars retrograde and the Sun trines Neptune. With Venus’s opposition to Mars, the more challenging of our interpersonal issues get highlighted. Tension is the theme for this transit so refuse to be petty with your heart or anyone else’s. However, tension can also be alluring and with both Mars and Venus in their own signs, they are interesting opponents. Opposites do attract.

On November 10th, Mercury re-enters Scorpio. Back into the depths we go. Mercury will be in its post-retrograde shadow until November 19th, meaning we aren’t clear of the retrograde mayhem until then, but we are on the way out instead of in. Mercury will be in Scorpio until December 1st, making the last two thirds of November about investigating the ins and outs of difficult discussions and learning about regeneration in the process.

On November 12th, Jupiter makes its third and final conjunction to Pluto at 22° of Capricorn. This just so happens to be the exact degree where Saturn and Pluto made a conjunction on January 12th, 2020. The Saturn/Pluto conjunction is always a game-changer, era defining in its ability to strip us of the privileges we so often take for granted. An astrological signature that exposes the infrastructures of our world, our systems, and our relationships, when it comes around (every 33-38 years) it often speaks to an issue that humanity at large must deal with. 2020 has been no different. Now that Jupiter and Pluto make their last conjunction on the same point, we’ll be taking another look at the issues we were facing at the beginning of the year. Back then, little was known about the Coronavirus but it has come to dominate our hearts, minds, headlines, and election cycles.

The Jupiter/Pluto alignment also magnifies the laws that govern us, how those that want power bend them to their will, and to what lengths they’ll go to get it. Courts, judges, religious leaders, and academic institutions go through a process of transformation. But no matter what, our power, by universal law, is ours to claim.

On a personal level, this transit speaks to the transformations that are occurring in the part of our charts that contain Capricorn, and how, if we get to the root of the issues there, we can experience a profound and long-lasting shift.

On November 13th, Mars stations direct at 15° of Aries. The release of Mars is a multi-faceted event. On the one hand, when a planet like Mars is retrograde, it’s sure to kick up a fuss and create all kinds of inhospitable conditions. On the other hand, when it stations direct, it’s a bit like a barking dog that’s finally been set free to go chase the squirrels in the yard that have been its tormentors. The ability to move forward is helpful, and though while Mars is stationing direct there isn’t a lot of speed, once it gets going it’s sure to come out swinging.

What is helpful at this point is that with both Mercury and Mars now direct, we are more likely to understand the lay of the land, and how best to approach it.

Mars stations direct right before the New Moon in Scorpio, and as the traditional ruler of Scorpio, the planet’s motion is a pivotal part of our next lunar cycle — a lunar cycle which will initiate us into … Eclipse Season. Because, why not?


CHANI NICHOLAS https://chaninicholas.com/horoscopes-for-the-full-moon-in-taurus-2020/


So we are all in the same boat.

lets navigate this together


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