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Black – Limited Edition

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For the Limited Edition of  25 Devadi GODDESS Shirts, that makes you feel amazing on and off the mat in 4 different manners: with leggings, without leggings, with the waterfall draping and with the print design at the front

This sustainable collection of one size fits all is designed with love and made in Berlin. It will affirm your femininity and divinity in various ways.

Most Shirts are produced  on order only and this might take some weeks. They can be purchased directly in the Devadi Design Store @ QiYoga in 8002 Zürich or from me personally @ DevadiYoga Berlin

SRI GODDESS  – for the flattering sensual feel of shakti.

97,- € // 108,-CHF  ***SPECIAL BLACK OFFER – 47,- € // 54,- CHF***

The chosen material is extremely light and soft, it’s loose cut and long waistband allows your abdomen to breath and supports to embrace our female bellies that are not always flat as a six pack, especially when we go through our cycles aka moon phases and swings, pregnancies and postnatale shapes, or even just after having enjoyed a wonderful meal.

It is a darn elegant and sexy dress for your „after class“ get together and dates. During your practice it allows you to enjoy full freedom of movement, no tightening cutting elastics around your chest and waist. It gracefully protects your butt from the see through effect off most leggins today and it promotes lightness through its super soft and flattering feel.

The Meryl Material is perfect for your Yoga Practice as it breathable, resistant, has a gentle cooling and antibacterial effect through transporting bodily heat and moisture outwards. It dries quickly and therefore keeps you comfortable and warm while protecting your skin from UVA & UVB radiation.

I recommend handwash even so it can take machine wash for fine material / max 30 degrees, turned inside out to keep the glow


Black edition limited

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