OMMM SHANTI OMMM - Diana Schoepplein
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Most of you know by now, that I do love Mantra. If you have asked me this 15 years back, I would have had big doubts on this particular part of the Yoga journey, believe me.

One day I decided to ask my Mentor privatley about how to learn to focus and if Mantras do work. What I wanted to hear from him was, if he feels that is worth dedicating my time to this mystified but somehow appealing practice or if it is a waste of time and not leading me to the REAL DEAL aka „the direct straight ladder up to enlightment“

Can you feel how little I did understand about the journey of life back then? Well, thats another story to be told, as well as his unconventional and „unholy“method on learning to focus, which I, by the way tried out in the high desert of New Mexico. But again, this is another story…

So I asked this very special and dear man, if Mantra is a path to awakening. He kind of denied that it would work like this, but recommended that I practice a humming sound to lead me into my heart.

Me being me, meaning I have to do it my way, couldnt really forget about this Mantra thing. So I tried anyway, the Humming and the Mantra.


And here is what I have found out so far:
If and how Mantra works depends on YOU and where you are in yourself and in your journey.


Okay I have to go into some detail here, so you can follow my lead.

Coming from a Christian background, I remembered The New Testament, Gospel of John, starting:

“In the beginning was the Word . . . .”

I never could make any sense of this, it actually didnt resonnate with me, not a bit. Just a sentence, not relevant for my much younger self. Same with chanting the psalms given by the priest to rid myself of my so called „sins“ using a rosesary aka a half mala. I found this pretty childish. How can repeating a psalm wipe away my lies and „bad thoughts“?

NOW,  let me put it this way:

Everything, all that exists in this Universe seems to come in the form of waves – light, sound, and also the bloodstreams in our bodies. A wave builds up, peaks and swings back in a cyclical pattern, just to be repeated. It is a spiral of moving outwards and pulling back to itself, it expands and contracts – it pulsates, it vibrates.

The Hindu Tradition calls it NADA BRAHMA – the Universe is Sound

Before sound is formed there is an impulse arising from within. When this urge finds expression through sound, space is moved. Air starts to vibrate with this energy of the spoken and eventually reaches and affects you with the intention of its innermost origin. Transported and supported by space, this soundwave literally moves you. In what form and which way depends on you, how you take it in, evaluate and absorb it. If we notice or not, it has an impact on our being.


Thats why words have such power – it is their vibration piercing through our energetic field influencing us on a cellular level.

The letters of the Sanskrit alphabet are called Matrika meaning „little mothers“. What a sweet label to describe letters: little mothers of communication, birthing the story of our reality – one word at a time.

Thats why you can get upset by a single word or a comment, not even a bad one per se, but simply by a combination of letters, that, while entering your system, are interpreted by yourself according to your personal experiences. That explains why you take in words spoken in your mother tounge on a deeper and primordial level. Thats why you feel the intent from the spoken. Thats why some words „kill“ while others bath you in love.

And thats why Mantra is such a gift.


The word mantra is based on the Sanskrit roots man (mind) and trai (liberation device). In Hindu and Buddhist usage, it has come to mean “spiritual sound formula.” Hindu scripture calls Mantra “that which, when contemplated and repeated, will offer protection.” Just like a mother protecting her child in need.

With a Mantra you literally install a certain vibration to trigger the deeper knowing of the energetic make up of that specific formula. Our awarness is moved by the seed of the designed energetic field. If you resonnate with a Mantra or not depends on how permeable you are and if the particular seed- the Bija – can hit your memory bank that is stored inside your innermost being.

In any case it will affect you, wether immediatley or in a longterm companionship. Or shall I say loveaffair?

There are many Mantras for different approaches and needs, so feel free to pick yours. You will know which one rings a bell or not.

And the best thing is – you dont need to understand its meaning on a intellectual level, even so this might raise awareness and appreciaion for the beauty of this ancient sacred languages.

As Sanskrit, the Language of the Gods, reaches beyond our ordinary mindset, it triggers a rememberance of our true nature. Repeated this sacred sounds over and over again over a certain period of time, slowley resets and realigns you from within.

How far you want to go with it, is up to you. But dont we all long for this deep relationship with our source? And what stands in your way?

All these thoughts that pop up in your mind, so rapidly, changefull and tehrefore often troubling. So why not replace these fickle mental overload with highly energized Mantra vibrations to quiet down the busy mind. Its worth a try.

Here an easy start for you with the Pranava Mantra – the Mother of all



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