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Here an easy start for you with the Pranava Mantra – the Mother of all –

< OM > or < AUM >

Sit down in a quiet place, make sure your spine is upright and you feel a sense of stabilty and ease in your posture. You can rest your hands on your thighs, palms facing up – a Mudra of recieving – if you feel like let the fingertips of the thumb and indexfinger touch.

Watch your status quo – how is the body, how is your mind feeling right now. How is your breath? Take a consciouss deep inhale down into the belly and up into the chest, feel your body expanding, space moving. Release the exhale from the bottom up through the open mouth and let go of some jaw tensions as well as inner unrest. Repeat 3 times. Now keep your breath full, yet gentle while exhaling through the nostrils.

Notice the silence underneath the thoughts. From there start to express your intention with A-U-M. Open the mouth fully with the A sound, round it smaller on the U and finally close the lips and let the M humm and vibrate in your upper palate. The juicy part is to let the implus ride the wave up and out and then draw it back in. It is a pulsation: arising form the belly, expressing itself out into the world and connecting back to oneself. See it as an internal massage – experiment with volume – with lower and higher pitches to find your authentic and comfortable soundwave, called your Sa. And play with it.

As intention can increase or decrease the power of this universal seed formula, chant it from a soft place in your heart and allow yourself to be the channel and a free highway for this expression – open, welcoming, curious, spontanous.

Continue for as long as you like – 3 can be enough sometimes – If you have a Mala, then you can use the beads to count letting each beads gently glide between your thumb and middlefinger. The Guru bead in the middle and any metal, silver or goldplated beads in between the gemstone, wood or seedbeads are extra and do not count. Each Mala should is made of 108 beads, or 54 if it is a Roseary or a half Mala. With this friend it is easy to count towards the sacred number or any number in between. So you can keep your atttention entirely on your breath and soundwaves while benefitting from the beauty and the energetic field of the stones.

Feel the silence after, indulge in it as long as you wish.
To close a Mantra Meditation use < OM SHANTI >

Shanti means peace – your inner peace arises when your mind becomes more quiet. By chanting OMMM Shanti, Shanti Shantihiii you can evoke this peacful inner state for yourself, the people that are close to you and finally with the third longer Shantii at the end for every being in this world. Feel this wave of peace pulling back into the silence – bath in your < OMMM Shanti OMMM ness > and share it.




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