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< Summertime, and the living is easy> just like in the Borgy & Bess song I feel the world is spreading the wings to take up to the sky in my favorite season.

Walking barefeet in colorful summerdresses, the sun kissing the skin, sitting outside enjoying the long summernights. And Nature presenting itself in its blossom.

Time to enjoy, time to fly! Living is easy!

But Summertime can also stress some issues when the heat turns up to much, especially when the air is filling with humidity. This can cause the body to feel heavy and laszy. Then the season where we naturally feel more engergized can feel tiring.

People living in hot countries have their own strategies to deal with the weather conditions accordingly. So has Ayurveda. Born in Kerala, South India, where the warmth never leaves, where it can get pretty humid, and where even the monsoon just adds more water to the air, it offers some usefully guidelines to keep us COOL.

Especially we Northern Europeans are more likely affected by the change of seasons then folks in tropical parts of the world. Thats why our body and mind needs some support to adjust to the circumstances.

The main ayurvedic rule is:
Dont add heat to heat – balance it out with the opposite!

This means wear and take in more ccoling things and avoid heating foods & drinks, such as coffe and alcohol. Go for some herbal teas (warm or cold but not iced) instead. Or infuse cucumber, lemon, cilantro or rose petals into your water – if you wish sparkling is okay.

Wear linen or light cotton, loosefit is helping the air to ventilate. Prefered colors are whites, light blues, mint greens etc.

Greens are anyway great: take nature in with your eyes, and eat all the greens that are offered. More salads for lunch! even learn about edible weeds in your neighbourhood. Chlorophyll cools your blood and coverts quickly into pure energy. Green smoothies can give you a nice jumpstart in the morning.

Watermelon, mints, cherries, peaches etc. can be consumed in abundance, while nuts, meat, beans and grains are best left for winter.

To nourish your skin without overheating, coconut oil is it. Try this to massage your body, it is cooling, hurray. And in case it is getting super hot outside, my secret weapon is to spritz some roeswater onto the face, neck and head – a wonderful soft shower that is enlivening on all levels.

Changing the rythm of your day is crucial. Get up earlier, and get active in the mornings, also with your yogapractice or physical activities. Use the cooler mornings to not overheat your system with strainous sports or work. Jogging in your lunchbreak definetly isnt the best idea.

Last but not least:

Enjoy summer, make time for yourself: siestas, leisure time and walks in the evenings, gazing at the moon on the balcony and even drinking it: set a jar of water outside to catch the night esssence; add some lavender, mint, cloves, or lemons, strain and enjoy it in the morning to cool your blood and mind.

Then spread your wings and take up tot he sky.

Yours Diana


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