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Here some ideas to say good by to the OLD and to welcome the cycle of the NEW


 # 1 – Give thanks with a Wintersolstice Fire Ceremony


Lightning candles to celebrate Christmas is actually referring to the pagan Yule traditions honoring the Moon energy giving birth to the Sun again in this promising night of the year.

So light some candles or if you are lucky and have a fireplace, do make a fire.

Get a paper and a pen and divide the paper in two sections: Left for all you are grateful for  //  right for all your wishes for the future.

Sit down comfortably, feel your breath, feel your body, feel your skin. Keep watching your breath enter and leave again and again. Slowley let your mind calm down. Allow your attention to drop into the heartlevel and when you feel the impulse, start writing down your gratitude and your hearts desires. If you like numbers: find 55, 101 or 108 events and things that you are thankful for in your life. Read them out loud to yourself and offer the list to the flames. If you have a fireplace, you can burn the list. Otherwise imagine you burn your gratitude and wishes in the eternal flame of your heart. To honor each you can add the formula of „Svaha“ /  „So be it“ and of course your heart.


# 2 – Have a Ritual Bath for Wintersolstice Night


Splurge like a Goddess with a warm water bath and celebrate this ritual from „foreverconsious“ with lighting some candles and incense around you.

Add cleansing herbs – dried or as essential oils – to the water such as sage, rosemary, lavender, basil, chamomile, cinnamon or sandalwood.

As you sink into the warm water, enjoy the purifying effect by imaging yourself being cleansed from head to toe, from inside and outside. Allow yourself to relax into the water and picture all the old and unnecessary thoughts and feelings being washed away. Honor all, including the shadow parts of yourself and offer your fears to the Moon, so that they can be re-birthed into something new and fruitful.

To close the ritual, drain the tub water out completely and discard the herbs outside in the moonlight.

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