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Are you familiar with December 21st marking a significant turning point and the start of a new cycle? In the Northern Hemisphere we call it the first day of winter and consider it a time of inward reflection.

You could say it is an invitation to wind up the year gone by. And in order to do that, we need to slow down and check in with where we are in our own lifes and within ourselfs.

Spending most of the year in a permanent state of busyness, often enough we miss the point to see what is happening within. We do need to pause in order to work out if our actions are aligned with where we want to be.

Just look at Nature. Isnt she pointing us exactly on where we should be focusing our energy and attention on? With the cold and the snowfall, trees are bare, animals are in hibernation, all of nature is winding down in order to regenerate. So we too should allow ourselfs some „hibernating“  time to withdraw our senses and turn them inside.


In the Yogatradition we call the withdrawal of the senses „Prathyahara“.  It is the pre-stage of most classical Meditation techniques. If sitting quietly and watching your breath and mind feels too challenging, Restorative Yoga can be a wonderful tool to carry you into a more reflective and contemplative state.


Finding rest in a pose supported by blankets, yogabolsters and blocks will allow your physical energy lines to open up effortlessly. As your body awarness starts to change, so does your state of mind: it will slow down and turn inside. The energy shifts to a more feminine, inward state in an easy and joyfull way. Thats exactly the opportunity you have been waiting for. As Wintersolstice asks you to reflect, to make a choice and to take action to move forward to where our hearts are longing for.



In the longest night of the year, take this invitation to retreat within to take a peek at what is really bubbling inside. Unresolved issues that have been tucked away hiding, might resurface to be seen, acknowleged and finally released.

Whatever might show its face, a subliminal resentement, a past regret, an uncomfortbale emotion, all can now be cleared and cleansed, as long as we embrace life in its dynamic flow and dont shy away.

So December Solstice is the perfect time to check in with your core and to really take responsibility for where you want your life to be heading. Putting more on our plate wont do us a favour  – but to pause, to drop and to let go …

NOW, relax your belly and deepen your breath. Ground and renew with Yoga, a Cleansing Bath and a Fire Ritual to venture into the new cycle. Dare to pause, to tune in and to really feel the calling of your heart!




PS: This post is higly inspired by an article on Wintersolistice of

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