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How do you want to enter your new decade?

How do you want to feel in your body and in the various areas of your life?

Do you know your core desire?

Do you life your potential?

Do you love yourself?


Did you actually ever ask yourself these questions for real? 

welcome to embrace life YOGA COACHING

My beloved made a shift within the first week of our daily Yoga Rituals. He started off feeling silly – a middle aged man lying on the carpet in his living room, breathing into his belly and moving in rather “unconventional” ways. AND holding quite some fear of moving at all, remembering his severe back pain attack, where he ended up needing someone call an ambulance to carry him straight to hospital – This memory of his back emergencies are imprinted not just in his mind but also in his muscles! YES, muscles also have a memory, isnt that fascinating? What most people then intuitively do, is to avoid going to the crucial spots at all. It is the forbidden country, not forgotten, but definitely taboo. So they stopp moving at all, which is frankly speaking, the worse one can do. So his muscle memory wasnt very helpful to get him started. BUT I can be quite stubborn and I really want him to feel better. I am convinced, that all he needs to do, is to move, so life can slowly stream into these dark spots, allowing the fascia to release step by step and for his body to wake up. It is about taking back your agency and not letting pain allow you to limit your life.

I have led many yoga classes for back pain, working for health insurances and in one to ones – and I have seen it happen so quick. I remember one of the ladies, in her 50ies, a bit overweight, little to average body awareness and the typical daily life issues – after her very first yoga-class with not only yoga positions for beginners ; )), she got rid of her back pain that kept her down since 13 years. From that point on, she showed up every week, following thru plank pose, cobra pose and downward facing dog and all the other funny yoga postures. And she had such resistance to “bretzel”, like she would describe it ; ))

So even one single class can totally do the trick. Others I have given a couple of yoga positions for beginners, that they should follow thru on a regular basis – and they did and kept doing, as they felt that this is their rescue from postural imbalances due to work and lifestyle. But Yoga is so much more, then merely a cure from physical pain or weight loss yoga for beginners etc. And it is even deeper then me aligning more advanced yoga poses in my Yogatrainings near me or mentoring Yogis holding a yoga training certification into mire subtle levels of the practice.

Yoga teaches you how to get back in touch with your body, your mind, your heart and spirit. It is a haven, a place to drop and to relax into, and ultimately a state of inner peace. And it has the power to transform you from inside out and to change your lifestyle for the better of all sentient beings.

And that is why I decided to offer PERSONALIZED YOGA SESSIONS (click here for further information) even for the ones who are not living in the same place as I do or dont find the time for yoga classes near me on a regular basis. And the way this works is via SKYPE. YES you heard me right. I know that this might sounds a bit crazy – personal yoga over laptops, but hey it WORKS. Without skype, I would not have my partner to do Yoga every morning several days in a row, as we dont see each other all the time. After one SINGLE week of our YOGA RITUAL, we both started to enjoy it so much. Believe it or not, you almost can feel the other in the room. AND yes, I do see what you are doing and if you are breathing, just like I do in the classroom.

And as we will set up dates for our YOGA COACHING ONE TO ONES (click here for further information) , you are held accountable for doing the practice, which is the crucial point isnt it. We set up a time, best a rhythm and then I make you stick to the plan. You will have to do homework, my partner has and I do ask him to report back, what he did follow thru. He started to enjoy even this real quick, because he simply feels better. And I can see it in his beautiful eyes, when the spark is back.

So here we go, no excuses to start your New Year with some YOGA BLISS. Lets talk about your specific needs and make a plan, if it is about yoga poses for back pain, beginner yoga sequence or some yoga positions for beginners. The way I lead you will also help you find peace of mind and unfold the desires of your heart.

Of course you can take yoga classes online in the world wide web, I even have some for you right here , but then nobody is seeing you and the sequence wont be adapted to what you need RIGHT NOW!

And for the special needs of us ladies – it is okay to have needs, our body has, our mind and of course our heart too, I condensed the WOMAN SELF-CARE YOGA SPA WEEKEND RETREAT to 2 days, so you dont have to take a day off work in order to sooth, nourish and recharge your female body and psyche. I WANT ALL WOMAN TO COME HOME. dont you? 


Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year & Decade




PS: Get my new YOGA RITUAL for a good night @Yoga Aktuell ; ))

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