GOLDEN MAGIC - Diana Schoepplein
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Are you feeling tired and a lack of energy in the darker and colder season? Don’t even wait for that to happen in order to take care of your body, mind and heart.

What about celebrating this often more challenging time of the year with a cup of magic tea in your pyjamas?

Here the recipe for the miraculous < GOLDEN MILK >, an ayurvedic classic to fight of viruses, bacterias, and inflammation.

This is almost a must if you are sensitive to cold and to counterbalance the overall acidic diet of our modern western life. This Milk will warm you from inside while tasting delicious.

The main ingredient is turmeric or Kurkuma, a medicinal indian herb used in curry dishes and known to fight infections and inflammations and to cure cancer.

Ginger is as well antibiotic, antibacterial and heating. You can find fresh kurkuma in the Alnature stores or by organi, GOLDEN MAGICc dried powder. Be aware, its orange color is intense.

Ginger is as well antibiotic, antibacterial and heating.

Chop up the ginger and the fresh turmeric – the size of a fingertip is enough for a big cup / powder would do with a small teaspoon.

Add some black pepper, if you like cinnamon, feel free. The kurkuma unfolds its healing properties best in combination with black pepper peptides and some fat, like some coconut oil or a drop of olive oil.

You can also add some cream instead. Traditionally it is boiled with some rich organic cow milk. You might want to try almond coconut milk, or any other of your liking.

I have it with a dash of marplesirup, as honey shouldn’t be heated. So here you go, it is soothing you into a quick restful sleep and caresses your body and soul.

Light some candles, take a bath, immerse in a book while sipping your < Golden Milk >

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