GOOD DAY SUNSHINE - Diana Schoepplein
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Are you a “morning person” or do you love to stay in bed just a little longer? A lot of people impose the idea that in order to be successful you gotta be an early bird. Yes, I totally get that and I naturally evolved  to awake earlier in the morning so I have enough time for myself before entering my daily tasks as a yoga entrepreneur (which, by the way, means a lot of time behind my laptop).

As a Yogini my commitment also is to practice what I teach. Having studied many yogic and ayurvedic traditions, I had tons of disciplines to choose from and to many to apply. You can imagine what happened. YEPP, I endend up facing 3-4h to follow thru my Meditation, Pranayama, Chanting, Asana and Ayurveda practice toolbox. Needless to say I felt overwhelmed. To much discipline for somebody that doesn´t seem have too much of discipline in her blood. I tried and I was “successful” for a certain period of time, until – well – I dropped out. I did this over and over again, feeling bad for not sticking with what I considered necessary to deepen my wisdom.

All are good, all helped me tremendously along my path. Yet I needed to find more joy along the way.

So what to do?

I had to condense all the wisdom into something simple. I had to develop something short and sweet. I had to hunt down the gem and juiciness that is touching my soul.  I had to create RITUALS TO EMBRACE LIFE.

Rituals that are nourishing my body, mind and spirit. Rituals that help me to center and to enjoy myself. Rituals to help me start my day off the right foot.

And I am glad to share these with you. So lets start with a real simple yet powerful short BREATHING RITUAL to energize your body cells, sooth your mind and shift your moods.

Best thing of all: you can do this while comfortably lying in your bed. You can do this while you are still in the state of your Theta brain wave, a sort of twilight zone between sleep and day consciousness. TRY THIS 11 MINUTE INTRO and feel the < good day sunshine mood > even on a cloudy day.

Find a complete yet short Asana  < GOOD MORNING RITUAL > in YOGA AKTUELL MAGAZINE April /May, Ausgabe 2  /2019. The Asanas are simple and again you can do them while still in bed. With breath and intention, they make a wonderful start into your day. The feedback so far is reassuring. Get inspired and feel free to comment and to share your experiences. We are curious to hear how you love to start your day.

Stay tuned for more Rituals to sweeten up your day and night. I will share more in various Magazines and in my < ENERGIZE YOUR LIFE > WEEKEND RETREAT – May 30.- June 2. @ Caumasee, Flims

PLUS some juicy ones for woman only are waiting for you in the < FLOW // GROW // GLOW > WOMAN SELFCARE WEEKEND RETREAT in June 21. – 23. @Zanana-Living in Winterthur

With Love


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