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Yes, I know, it has been a while since my last post. It has been summer, my favorite season, and I still sometimes can´t believe how much has happened in the last 2 months.

Some of you might remember my post from last year, the challenges I have been facing: separating after 21 years, finding out what I want to do next without a place to live, my relationship and my work permit. It has been a deep quest of how I want to continue my life hitting the age of 50. This was a big one, a year of transformation and of redefining myself almost from scratch.

For this special and not much welcomed, to not say dreaded, birthday, I went on a trip to Japan instead of coming home to India. I was seeking to learn from Japanese culture about feminity, beauty and the power of age. I took home some strong impressions and new friends, and I learned to slow down and take even more care for myself. But yeah the big game changer was yet to come.


My quest continued on to Bali, an island that had tremendously changed my life in the early ninties. As young as I was back then, as much I was in love – in love with a man, and in love with a lifestyle defined by freedom, beauty, dance, abundance and joy. So Bali was calling me again – I took a 200h Woman Self-Care Training and spend time with my special friend Lynn, who is living on this island since 35 years. I had great times, full of freedom, beauty, dance, abundance and joy. That’s when I decided I want to share the magic of this place with you. Bali was and still is a truly transformative hot spot in its very juicy way – so feel free and watch this little video of my Bali yoga experience here –

I searched and finally found a perfect yoga retreat center off the beaten track in the heart of the island. An area that still carries the vibs of Old Bali. Surrounded by lush nature with a spring water swimming pool, you will have the opportunity to dive deep into your core desires. In this 1 week yoga and meditation retreat you will get absorbed not only in yoga, but also in Balinese spirituality. Myself and a assorted crew of locals are awaiting you to take you onto a journey entering the New Year and a New Decade of aligning yourself with what really matters to you – to learn more about my Bali yoga retreat watch this –


Back home I continued my classes and projects, got my first yoga articles in Yoga Aktuell published, and lost a job and with this job some necessary income. As most of us, I also do struggle with change initially. I even got mad, starting a whole process of what to do and where to go – again. Until I finally dropped it. I just let go and took the unleashed energy, in this case of anger, into a new direction. And guess what happened?

I met a most wonderful men and we both fell in love with each other within almost a minute – not literally, but, pretty close to it. So yes, this summer was all about love and how beautiful it is to be absorbed in it, fully, not holding back. And I have been hunting love for years. Ever since I lost my beloved brother and at the same time my great love from Bali, my heart has been closed. I had walked thru a valley of deep pain and sorrow that continued for a decade trying everything possible on the spiritual journey that would help me open up again. And for the last decade yoga was my only door to come close to what I perceived as love. But then, out of the blue, this man crossed my path – pretty karmic, as we come from almost 2 different planets and the chances that we two were to meet, were more or less zero. But only more or less, because YEAH, it happened and guess what? HE managed to open my heart in almost a blink of an eye.

I AM IN AWE, in bliss, in love and such deep gratitude for the magic of life. YES wonders do happen, but we also have to do the internal work and the necessary steps. SHRADDHA, trusting the intelligence of life, is an essential ingredient as is not giving up and always getting back onto your feet. The other is to truly take care of yourself and to learn to love yourself unconditionally.

As my love in Bali told me back then “Diana, first you have to love yourself, then you can afford love” – I never forgot that, even so it took me 25 years to fully love myself – and I can tell you, it is so worth it, despite the throwbacks, loops and stones on this quest.


Coming back to source. I am happy to assist you on your way back to yourself with my regular yoga classes that offer a variety of yoga positions for beginners as well as advanced yoga poses, or with my < NEW YEAR VISION > Yoga Retreat in Bali or a Weekend Yoga Retreat in Switzerland. Next one to come up is < COMING HOME > –  a woman self-care spa and yoga weekend retreat end of January. And of course the < HEART OF YOGA >  Pilgrimage, the magical India retreat is up again over EASTERN HOLIDAYS. Plus two workshops at AIRYoga- < FLOW & GLOW > Woman Self-Care > 20. October and < RELAX & RENEW > – Restorative Yoga in 23. February.

And for your self practice find some short Yoga Sequences in the Yoga Aktuell Magazines Aug/Sept – Sunset Salutation Flow  // Okt/Nov – Agnite your fire with Bandhas & Armbalances – more to follow in 2020, stay tuned.


I leave you with this for now and might share more about the journey of love in another post.

If you have any questions or comments, please go ahead,  I am really excited to hear your take on life.




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