NEW CHAPTERS - WHAT IS YOURS? - Diana Schoepplein
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How would you like your story of life to unfold? What new chapters in your book of life do you want to write?


I hope you all had a smooth and joyful start into the New Year, applying some of the CHANGE OF SEASON RITUALS. I really love to hear that the YOGA, MANTRA and SELFCARE RITUALS helped you release the sting from the Holiday Season demands. You know, the plethora of „getting everything done at work, presenting clients and your loved ones, preparing the home, and finally creating the perfect night of the nights at New Years Eve.“

The pressure to do something special at this particular night used to stress out my younger self. What to do for dinner? Where to see the fireworks? Where to party?

In the midst of all these „stresses“ ignited by societies idea of an ideal start, where the heck should one be able to drop into the time and space to formulate something as significant as an intention for the New Cycle?

Well, all this „it got to be special and all will change with the arrival of the next round“ seems far away by now. Most is forgotten, especially the famous New Years resolutions.

As soon as you turn around, life is back on track.


You know what?  It is really not this particular day that writes a new chapter in your book of life. YOU ARE!

, NEW CHAPTERS – WHAT IS YOURS?Over the years and decades I developed several strategies for dealing with this over- emphazised day of the year: such as spending it outdoor in the countryside with a personalized New Year fire ceremony. Or getting a bottle of champagne, dressing in skiing gear, finding a good enough spot to watch the Berlin fireworks, followed by going home, warming up in a hot bath, getting tired and skipping the party simply falling asleep.

One of my favorites solution later on, was to get hired for New Years Performance Shows – I loved that: no more questions. Plus I was getting paid, even better then on other occasions, to spend the night with my sweet and talented dancers in posh 5 star hotels. while observing the guests trying hard to have a good time.



After that phase, now in my forties, I went back to an old passion of mine and spend the holiday season travelling, escaping the hustle and making the whole trip my Christmas (and my Birthday) present. Seeing the world and taking much needed time off, became my favorite way of New Year Intention Setting. Immersing myself into various cultures. Replenishing in natures best. Nourishing body and soul with my Yoga, fresh food and amazing places. Meeting interesting people from around the world and taking in the more relaxed way and much broader perspectives on life outside the familiar mindset.


These „holy days“ far away from the routines back home, help me to find the reset button and to truely refresh my attitudes.

, NEW CHAPTERS – WHAT IS YOURS?Travelling has always been essential for me to open up my eyes for different philosopies and lifestyles. Especially Asia and India have been important gamechangers for re-writing my story and finding my Dharma – a fullfilling life with purpose.

Like my Indian friend Rohit put it the other day: Diana, you were ment to be born in the East, but last minute got re-shuffeld by God to the West, so you could become a bridge between the two.

And thats what I hope to be offering more and more – a BRIGDE not just between West and East, but between inside and oustide, between form and formless, the personal and the universal.


Yoga is much more then a gymnastic exercise. Yoga is a way of life. A way to give my life direction, to align myself with the bigger picture, so that I can write and re-write the story of my life from this perspective.


Yoga is designed to connect us to our innermost self. In this sense Yoga is not simply a work out, it is a work in.

And so it offers a magical toolbox for us to apply in our daily lifes, to feel more clear, more centered, more together and more aligned.

It offers as a holy day, a sacred pause, an opportunity to retreat, check in and to re-set.

Life is fresh. But you need to be able to see it and not be carried away by the clouding of our common conditioning. Yoga magically opens my eyes and my heart to this freshness again and again.

Yoga promotes that „New Year“ is not the one and only opportunity to make a shift. It is really not this particular day or night that writes a new chapter in your book of life. On this journey every day counts, every moment, even every breath.

, NEW CHAPTERS – WHAT IS YOURS?And in order to built the best bridge I can, I love to offer you my experience with yoga, ayurvedic wisdom and neuroscientific insights, as an all encompassing lifestyle May this toolbox enrich of your life on all levels and help you to rewrite your story. May it empower you to embrace life and to allow life itself to point you towards your Dharma – your purposes, in lifes fascinating unique way.


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