OUT OF THE DARK - Diana Schoepplein
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Hi dear,


I welcome you to my first talk on how Yoga can help you move thru dark times.  Please feel free to share some of your experiences on tis journey. We are all encountering similar situations and issues and it is wonderful to learn from each other.

Here some questions for you to find out how Yoga helps you.


A) How did your Yoga journey start?

B) What was your intention, desire, approach and how did your intention, approach shift during the years?

C) What are your personal Yoga benefits and in which way does Yoga help you most? physical, mental, spiritual…

E) Does Yoga serve you in your daily life?

F) Could Yoga help you move thru crisis?

G) What do you love most about Yoga?

H) Is there anything specific you like to have adressed more in the Yogapractice?


Hope you enjoy this podcast.

I am curious to hear from you in a comment or even in a privat email.

Love to serve you better


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