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Have you ever heard about Shinrin Yoku?  It´s the “New Yoga”, at least thats what I read the other day in the shop window of my nature pharmacy. I have heard about Shinrin Yoku several years back, but never had the chance to learn it. Until May 2019 when we finally did our very first on my < Energize > Retreat at the amazing Caumasee in the Swiss Mountains. To kickstart our journey to energize our whole being, my students and I started the morning with walking silently thru the forest practicing mindfulness and expanded awareness.

We sooo loved it! Opening our senses, taking in nature, feeling her. From time to time we stopped at certain spots, expanding our breath, grounding and refreshing our body, mind and hearts.

But what exactly is Shinrin Yoku?

One could say it is discovering the forrest as a healing modality.

Developed in the 80ies in Japan, Waldbaden or Forest Bathing means bathing in the forest atmosphere, or taking in the forest through our senses. Shinrin in Japanese means “forest,” and yoku means “bath.”  It is a mindfulness practice where we walk thru the forest while taking in the natural aromatherapy*** of phytoncides.

Phytoncides have antibacterial and antifungal qualities which help plants  fight disease. When people breathe in these chemicals, our bodies respond by increasing the number and activity of a type of white blood cell called natural killer cells. This means exposure to forests boosts our immune system.

The essential oils*** of the trees are lowering our stress or cortisol levels, which strengthens our immune-system and lowers our blood-sugar levels.

There even exists an entire science called “Waldtherapieforschung”, that studies the effects of the forest on human beings. To some degree we all feel it anyway, the peace and the calming effect, that the trees have on our nervous-system. But with Shinrin Yoku we can even take it further to a substantial practice to heal ourselves.

SHINRIN-YOKU is seen as a scientific method for stress management and relaxation


Prof. Dr. Qing Li from Nippon Medical School in Tokio is one of the most important scientist in forest bathing. He and his team have been proving the health benefits with many studies over the past 10 years:

Amongst  improving our Immune defense thru increasing and activating of our natural killer cells, forest bathing promotes

  • the production of anticancer proteins
  • lowers blood pressure
  • activation of parasympatikus, our rest & digest mode
  • decrease of stress
  • increase of wellbeing


That sounds pretty amazing already, doesnt it?

So imagine to combine Shinirn Yoku – Waldbaden,  with breathing exercises, traditional yogic cleansing and simple yet powerful Energy Yoga Rituals in the clean and beautiful Mountain air of Switzerland. It becomes an expanded meditation, where your mind slows down grounding into your own nature. Consciously practicing mindfulness, the healing energy of the forest will be absorbed on a much deeper level compared to ordinary hiking.  What is required is the opening up of our senses.

on our retreats in Switzerland ( Schweiz Retreats ) you will learn exactly how to do this, and furthermore how to open up your subtle energy channels such as Chakras and Meridians.

You get the best off all my yoga practices and self-care rituals, a potent and playful toolkit to unwind, release and vitalize on a cellular, mental and even soul level.

Our immune-system and our lungs do matter, thats what we all understood thru COVID19

Energy Yoga, Breathwork, Acupressure, movement in nature and additional aromatherapy*** with the purest essential oils will calm your nervous-system, decrease your stress-levels, raise your immunity, detox and clear your body, mind and heart. You will feel energized and have useful rituals to take home with you.

So it is more then just taking some time off. It is all about giving ourselves the nourishment that we need to recharge our energies from deep within. In only a couple of days, we are flushing out some stale clutter and fully replenish our entire being, to feel healthy, energetic and young again.

Next opportunity to immerse yourself into this powerful “Nature Spa” with Shinrin Yoku, Mindful Hiking, Energy Yoga, Pranayama, Yin und Yoga Nidra –  < ENERGIZE > August 9th. to 13th. at my favorite spot at Caumasee (find more information here)

Sign up now, and recieve a special gift ; ))

*****limited to the first 5 sign ups*****


Remember, Nature is your home, not a place to visit




*** more on aromatherapy, the ancient ayurvedic science, that now becomes recognized for its holistic healing capacities,  coming soon





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