WHY CARE FOR SELF - CARE? - Diana Schoepplein
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I often meet woman that are tried and stressed out. working far too much, caring for the family amongst thousand other things, leaving them sleep deprived and feeling overwhelm.

I have been there too, trust me, a burn out is no stranger to me. In my case I needed  some real lifestyle changes and even move from Berlin to Switzerland. Having studied an awful lot and learned many tools to take care for myself, I still neglected the fact, that my female body, psychology and spirituality needed more attention and even different approaches and practices. Until I did a 200h Woman Self-Care Training, that brought me back home, home to feeling woman again, home to pleasure, home to deep connections with my source of creativity, power and  abundance, home to sharing with all the beautiful other woman sitting in the same boat.

As woman we permanently undergo times of change due to our cyclic nature. Our hormones are dancing up and down, our moods and energy levels are swinging, Our body is doing magic, while producing life
No wonder that we feel tired, stressed out or  dry and low libido, especially in times of big change and transitions such as pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and loss.

I am with you, I feel for you and I can help you. I want you to feel your power and juiciness again, and I know it is possible, because it was possible for me.

All you need to do is take some time for yourself, precious me-time, time to connect to your nature (maybe even one of my yoga retreats near you or in my Bali yoga retreats), and explore yourself in your own (unconventional) ways. In my Beginners Yoga Retreats, Weekend Yoga Retreats and Yoga Retreat Vacations specialized on Woman Self-Care

  • you will learn refreshing approaches and self-care rituals that replenish your nervous system and nourish and soothe the female anatomy and psyche.
  • you will release tensions through breath work and somatic movement to refresh your entire being and create expanded emotional awareness.
  • you will experience your female anatomy and learn pelvic care tools that open up your  sensuality and heart connection.
  • you will discover a yoga that aligns you with your inner flow and that can be practiced anytime during the feminine cycle.
  • you will feel encouraged to give yourself permission to sense and to express, to enjoy and to be you.

My workshops & Immersions will provide you with rituals that are

  • respectful of the various cycles in a woman’s life and body, and are
  • crucial to female vitality and self-respect, –
  • especially when facing challenges and transition.
  • They help you harmonize fatigue, stress and overwhelm, insecurity and disconnect from the body, feelings, emotions and sensuality.

Self-care is more then pampering ourselves. It is about truly connecting to our female body, heart and mind, to our feelings and impulses, to our creativity and expression.

Join and find a safe space to explore and unfold, so you can feel the flow and the glow again.

Your upcoming options for Woman Self- Care Yoga Retreats, Spa & Yoga Retreats , Swiss Yoga Retreats in beautiful Yoga Retreat Centers around the world are

< COMING HOME > Woman Self-Care Yoga & Spa Weekend Retereat @ Flims, Gaumasee, Swiss Mountains – Jan 23.-26 th 2020

< COCOON > Restorative Yoga Workshop @ AirYoga Zürich, 23, Feb. 2020

< ENERGIZE > Yoga & Breathwork Weekend Retreat @ Flims, Gaumasee, Swiss Mountains – 11.-14 Juni 2020

< RELAX & RENEW > Yoga Self Care Spa Weeekend @ Bora HotSpa Resort, Bodensee -D 26.-29. Nov. 2020

Please do not hesitate to ask  my for privat sessions, i am happy to customize programs for your individual needs and  for small group settings with your girlfriends


Much love



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