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I used to get a little mad when hearing, that Yoga is a wellness sport. I understand why wellness is connected to yoga these days, so yes, it is true, but only in a slightly or should I say enormously different way?

First of all: Even so Yoga can be pretty sporty, it is not a sport, but a practice and even more so a way of living.

This ancient science is a practicable and effective method to achieve a sate of “Yoga”, meaning of Union, of deep inner peace, of oneness, stillness, joy – unconditioned

I will leave it like that for now, as this would make a blog and in fact an entire encyclopedia by itself.

Yoga also is not about wellness per se. Wellness is a side-effect if you want  to say so. Most people are practicing yoga to feel better. And yoga does help our physical and mental wellbeing tremendously.

Over time some discover that Yoga is a kind of wellness for the heart, soul and spirit. This wellness  isn´t superficial or depending on outer factors. And it isn´t always pleasant, just like some asanas are not comfortable to be in and to stay in.

It has to do with a knowing, that there is more, more then I can see, more that I can maybe even dream of.

Do you remember the times, where you felt like rolling your eyes and screaming because of the intensity of a pose? Did you just wanna get out? And then you stayed and then something inside you shifted and sooner or later the world looked more beautiful, more colorful, more vibrant, more alive. Or you even experienced the Yoga high where you grew wings and were “flying”, beaming and loving yourself, and life and even the strangers on the streets?

So you tasted the sweetness that arises, when breathing thru challenges, thru discomfort, thru your moods and states of mind. YES, energy is moving, perspectives shifting, attitudes rearranged, hearts opened.

You sensed and bathed in your inner beauty, your joy and potential that revealed its light –  breath by breath.

Of course not all yoga sessions are getting you there, they even cant. Often you simply feel a bit more human, but HEY thats already a lot and more then many others do feel about themselves  (and by way the “Human” sounds quite similar to YOUman ; ))

So we are talking about a wellness that comes from deep within and that is powerful. It is revealed once you start to BE YOU, FULLY  – this is the real beauty. And all this beauty to shine bright needs, is your willingness to simply BE YOUrself, without comparing without judging, without denying or defeating any parts of you.

To be YOU means to be your body, mind, emotions and your heart and soul and spirit. To be all off this and even more.


So here they are, my very best Self-Care Tipps, that take you beyond wellness to BE.YOU.TI.FULL


  1. remember: your are more then you think you are. you are off the stars
  2. you are also your personality, but you are much more (remember point 1; ))
  3. give yourself permission to be all off it
  4. accept that all things will pass, the pleasant and unpleasant
  5. taking care of your body is an act of love
  6. your body deserves to be loved, just like she is
  7. keep yourself hydrated, always – and even more so in summer*
  8. get enough rest: sleep and thru deep relaxation techniques like shavasana, meditation, yoga nidra
  9. touch yourself with kindness and respect
  10. treat yourself as you like to be treated by your dream lover
  11. if you find yourself in an unhealthy pattern, avoid judging yourself for it
  12. stay curious: “how interesting, I am having this thought again”
  13. open up for new pathways, in your mind and in your life
  14. ask for help
  15. accept help


If you feel it is time for you to BE YOU – FULLY, then contact me for a free call. It is my pleasure to support you on this journey. I am offering this Self-Care Coaching program to give back to the world what has been given to me, from my teachers and mentors and from life itself.  Sharing is caring, so spread with the word with people who would benefit from working with me.

And as my last Retreat  for 2020 is especially designed for Yoga Self-care, safe your spot now.

< RELAX & RENEW > early bird pricing for 319,- €  is only available until August 26th.


Leave a comment and let me know what you wish to unfold and transform in your life.

I appreciate your openness and willingness to look behind the curtain and go for more ; ))





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